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Speech & Language Evaluation
Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy Screenings

Articulation Screening    $20

Language Screening       $30

Occupational Therapy Screening $30


* Group rates for school settings are available.

  • Receptive Language

  • Expressive Language

  • Articulation/Voice/Fluency

  • Pragmatic Language Skills

30 minute sessions   $60

60 minute sessions   $120

Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy


Providing Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy Services in your home, daycare, pre-school or private school setting!

To initiate the process, please click on the "Intake Form" tab, click on the link, fill out the Initial Intake Form and email or fax it to

Speech Therapy on the Go! Inc. Email: or Fax: 754-229-8778.


A prescription from your primary care provider will be necessary before an evaluation can be initiated.


Occupational Therapy Evaluation
  • Oral Mechanism Examination

  • Goals & Objectives/Therapy Plan

  • Typed Report


Total: $350

  • Motor Coordination Skills    

  • Visual Processing Skills

  • Sensory Processing Skills      

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Handwriting                                                       

  • Typed report

  • Recommendations

  • Measureable goals & objectives

  • Plan of Care/Therapy Plan


                                        Total: $350

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